Bill goes to Rocket Mountain Nevada

Photos of Bill's trip to the military training base, Rocket Mountain, Hawthorne Nevada where the military do the scout sniper and mountain warfare training. Note the AI 338 super magnum with the NEW Schmidt Bender 5-25x56 scope shooting perfectly out to 1700 yards.

Bill went with Marty Bordson from Badger Ordnance, Frankie (Ice) Icenogle and Tony Icenogle to meet Dan Herman US Marine Corp Sniper NCOIC Mountain Warfare School for Sniping at Bridgeport California. The range is at Hawthorne Nevada and that is Rocket Mountain. Bill was trying out his new Schmidt Bender 5-25x56 scope with CM clicks and the P4 reticle(PDF) and his AW 338 rifle in .338 lapua magnum, shooting in extreme angle and wind conditions out to 1700 yards from the top of Rocket mountain at various targets.



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