Tac Pro Shooting Center is 65 miles west of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex 6 miles south of I-20. The 550 acre Shooting Center facilities include a gun store specializing in products for tactical professionals, Law Enforcement and competition shooters, classrooms with covered firing point, restrooms and refreshment machines, outdoor pistol, tactical shotgun and Subgun ranges, with paper and reactive steel targets. The Center also can accommodate shooting up to 1000-yard rifle (50 cals welcome).

Please note that the 1,000-Yard Range, including 300-yard, 400-yard, 500-yard, and 1,000-yard firing points, are open to Members and their guests exclusively. 1,000-Yard Qualifier is required to shoot out to 1,000 yards.


Our aim is to provide clients with a training and competition facility for all types of weapons and a different style of shooting that is used by the Special Forces. This style of shooting is beneficial to both law enforcement in the line of duty and civilians in a self-defense situation. Membership is available at an affordable price offering many benefits and priviledges, although non-members are welcome. Competitions are run regularly for all disciplines. Within 18 miles there are a variety of major hotels, shops, and restaurants based in the town of Stephenville.

Tac Pro Shooting Center has a narrowly defined purpose, which is to provide the highest quality, personalized instruction, and reality based training and service to the consumer.


The staff of instructors at Tac Pro Shooting Center come from a variety of backgrounds including military, law enforcement and civilian, each with many years of experience and training.

Bill Davison: Bill has over 20 years of firearms experience- 14 years of which was with the British Special Forces. His career began with the Royal Marines and he finished his service as an instructor for the British Special Forces. During this time, he was instrumental in developing the firearms training programs for the Special Forces in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He has instructed worldwide and has been featured in Elite Special Forces documentaries. After leaving the Armed Forces he formed a company in England of former special forces personnel specializing in VIP protection of heads of state and ruling families, as well as continuing to instruct law enforcement worldwide, where his expertise is highly respected.