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3-Gun Match Results 10-08 (PDF)

LSSO Match Results (PDF)

2008 Sniper Tournament Results (PDF)

3-Gun Match Results (PDF)

Lone Star Shootout Results

High Plains Shotgun Challenge Results(PDF)

LSSO Match Results

3-Gun Match Results (PDF)

TPSC Sniper Match Results (PDF)

Photo montage put together by Tish, showing the work that goes into putting on a 3-Gun Match

AI videos: L96 and AS50

LSSO Match Results

3-Gun Match Results and Photos.

Star Shoot-Out
Results and Photos

2007 Shot Show photos.

The Accuracy International AS50 sniper rifle featured on Future Weapons is only available to the military.

300 to 1000yd range is now open to members only.

TPSC Team Sniper Match
Team Results (PDF)
Individual Results (PDF)

3-Gun Results (PDF)

3-Gun Photos

Pro Tips with Bill on Shooting USA

Bill demos AI Rifles

LSSO Match Results (PDF)

LSSO Photos

New Rocky Mountain DPMS 3-Gun Photos

Photos from Surefire Suppressor Demo

TPSC Sniper Match Photos

TPSC Sniper Match Results (PDF)

Accuracy International Action Photos

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3-Gun Photos
by Ross Hailey

3-Gun Match Results (PDF)

Badger Sniper Match Photos
by Frankie "ICE" Icenogle
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Shooting USA back at Tac Pro

Badger Sniper Match Results (PDFs):
Team, Individual

Lone Star Shootout Photos

Lone Star Shootout Match Results (PDF)

Firearms Friendly Lawyer

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation
Match - Photos and Results

Force on Force photos

TPSC Advanced Rifle Course on Shooting USA - OLN

Shot Show Photos

We are now the US Distributor for Accuracy International

Photos from the Advanced Rifle Class

New Photos from Rocket Mountain

More 3-Gun Photos from October

Iraq - SAS Snipers Use AI rifles to Neutralize Homicide Bombers

Bill at Rocket Mountain

October 3-gun Photos

Royal Marines use AW50s to stop drug smugglers.

Oct 2005 3-Gun Match
Results (PDF)

TPSC Sniper Tournament Results and Photos

Jet Suppressor Videos


TSU Rifle Team Website

 2004 Sniper Challenge October 29-31

 Oct 3-Gun Match Results (PDF)

 TPSC Sniper Tournament Results

 May 2004 3-Gun Match Results (PDF) and Photos

 2003 Sniper's Challenge Results

 3-gun Oct 2003- Results and Photos

 May 2003 3-Gun Results and Photos

Women On Target Photos

 Vintage Rifle Match Results and Photos

 2002 Sniper's Challenge Results

 October 2002 3-Gun Match Results

 Gun Week Magazine Article

 Sniper's Challenge WFAA News Story